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About is an unique advertising portal in the Czech Republic which enables households to find a required help quickly, cheaply and above all in a safe way and the other people from their territory to earn some extra income. All those who tried once to find a suitable nanny for your kids or just help with cleaning, know how challenging and difficult it can be. We ourselves were in that position. That's why we established these websites to enable people who are in need of help to find the right one who offers such help! is a fast growing Internet company that connects households and experienced specialists and volunteers. It brings simple, flexible and inexpensive solution to find the assistance or offer one in the area of child care, care of the elderly or pets, cleaning, cooking, house maintenance, trainings and tutoring. Why hire an expensive agency when all around you there are many skilled neighbours, who for a small extra income shall be glad to help! is the only online database in the Czech Republic which arrange for additional verification of identity and criminal record that families and households provide the necessary certainty and those who offers a help provide a safe work environment according to their preferences.


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