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Increase your credibility. Ask for profile verification. What do you get?

1) Increase your credibility

Users will have more confidence that you are really you and the data correspond to reality.

2) Improve your search rankings

My Profile completeness will grow by another 20%. This improves my search rank. I will be 10 times more likely be contacted.

3) You get a badge "VERIFIED Hodná"

Your Profile will be marked with a badge for one year, which proves your verification. Users with verified profiles are the most common parameter in the search.

What will be verified?


  • Name and Surname
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Nationality
Identity Card


  • No criminal record
No criminal record

What is the process?

Pay the processing fee

  • You will pay a verification fee using any payment method you prefer.
  • After payment we will send you exact instructions.

Provide a necessary evidence

  • In accordance with instructions you will send a copy of your identity document and criminal penalties.
  • Evidence can be sent electronically

Be verified

  • Within 2 working days your profile will be verified on the evidence you provided by portal administrator. If everything will be ok, your user profile will be marked with a badge "VERIFIED".